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Recently google helpful content update has come and it is a specific core update for those websites like Affiliate websites, Review websites, multi-niche websites, and not expert websites, that kind of website will be impacted by google helpful content update. 

Google’s helpful content update will impact especially for that website, that is only used for its own profit like they write content only for SEO purposes, not a human, they want to rank on SERP for more revenue and not providing valuable content.

If you want to more about google helpful content updates,

Google helpful content update rolling out? 

Google said some days ago about google helpful content update and said to rollout will be started in soon.

Google helpful content update has started to roll out on 25 Aug and google said it will take 2 weeks for a full rollout and

Now Finally Google said google helpful content update has been done rolling out on 9 September 2022.

And google said this google update will be continuously rolling out in the future for low-quality content, product review blog, affiliate blogs, and multi niches blogs.

After rolling out, a lot of website owners and SEO men said my website traffic has tremendously down and get lost a lot of traffic after this update rolling out.

And google and other website owner said only affiliate, blog reviews, and multi niches traffic has gone down because this update is only for that kind of website.

Google said to bloggers and SEO men please write high-quality content, not for SEO purposes, write content for humans, don’t copy from anywhere on a search engine, and if you are writing product review then please make sure you are using or already used 


I hope you got about to google helpful content and know very well.

I want to say you that if you are a beginner then it is too good time to write a blog for the specific field because google is looking for high-quality products, Humanity blog, and follow all google update roll.

Your website will be ranked soon because this update only is a new website.

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