howt to buy web hosting from bluehost step by step

How to buy Bluehost Web Hosting in 2022

Hey, Guys Today We are going to how to buy Bluehost web hosting in 2022 step by step, and in a more straightforward language.

We are very sure we can explain you as deeply because we have been running the website on the Bluehost web hosting server, that is why we can explain deep and easy-to-understand language.

Let us tell you Bluehost web hosting‘s service is incredible and all type support system. Bluehost was founded in 2003 with one goal to make a web hosting server website and now Bluehost has 2 million users who have purchased the Bluehost web hosting plan.

Let’s Start and how to buy web hosting from Bluehost step by step.

How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost

1. Go to Website

Bluehost has one of the best hosting service websites and trusted web hosting websites.

Whatever you are using like a phone, laptop, or desktop in which open chrome and open it to get search Bluehost or Bluehost web hosting in the search box.

11352 840619 -

Bluehost has world biased service and you can buy web hosting from anywhere in these world with your country’s currency or dollars. when you will click on the link then you will get a Bluehost desktop with men inside of the website.

When you will be reached on Dashboard then you can see the “Get Started Bluehost” Button then Click on Get Started Button then you will be redirected to the Bluehost web hosting price.

how to buy bluehost web hosting

2. Select Web Hosting Price

The world’s most popular site is Bluehost builder. Over 2M users trust Bluehost Web Hosting. Now this time to choose the best web hosting plan for business or your blog, Select your package,

There are 4 or even more price categories as per business requirements means I mean

  • Basic for one blog or site
  • Choice plus for multiple websites or blog
  • ONLINE STORE – Great start to selling online
  • ONLINE STORE + MARKETPLACE – Advance to selling across different channels

You can see below in the photo those plans with prices.

how to buy bluehost web hosting

a. Basic Bluehost plan

This is a very basic Bluehost web hosting plan on for individual businesses or very small businesses, who are looking for only one website want to run then this will be a good plan, you can start a career as a blogger with Bluehost web hosting.

Let me tell you frankly when I start a career as a digital marketing executive then I purchased Bluehost Basic Plan and Got a good response from Bluehost teams when I got problems on my website.

If you are a beginner, have a small business, or are willing to become a blogger, then this plan is best for you.

In this plan, you will get 10 GB SSD Storage, Free CND Cloud, 1 Website live, 1 year Fo Free Domain, Free SSL Certificate,and Malware Scanning those are really going to help you.

b. Choice Plus Make Multiple Sites

As I have Experienced on Bluehost, I want to say this plan is for those people or businesses who have a business like agency and e-commerce or top blog those people or businesses can buy “Choice Plus Plan” because they have good traffic and more revenue from businesses or have a multi-website.

I want to say if you are a beginner then you don’t go to buy the “Choice Plus” Plan or You have no idea I will create multiple websites in the future then you should buy a “Basic Plan” not a Business Plan.

If you have a good budget then you can buy the “Choice Plus” Plan, this time you will get a huge discount of 70% Off On in a few days other you will get missed and you will never get this discount again.

11352 840619 -

In this Choice Plus plan, you will get the really good stuff, look below

  • 40 Gb SSD Storage,
  • Free CND ( Content Network Delivery ) is really cool and due to CND Your website will load in very few seconds from anywhere in this world.
  • Unlimited Websites That are most fantastic things and superb duper stuff.
  • FREE Domain for One year, you should not any extra Money for your domain, that makes good sounds from Bluehost web hosting service.
  • Free SSL Certificate On these days every web hosting provider gives a free SSL Certificate.
  • Free Back up for one year – I want to say this is not a more interesting thing because you will get automatic backup from some plugins like updraft plus WordPress plugin and a ton of plugins that make a free backup.
  • Domain Privacy – That means when you buy web hosting from any web hosting provider, then your information data like Name, Gmail, Phone Number, Address, and other details will show on Whois Website help of every web hosting, that’s why web hosting provider offers you Domain privacy plan, if you don’t want to show your information on anywhere then you should buy domain privacy. But the good thing is you will get free Domain privacy in this Bluehost choice plus plan.
  • Yoast SEO Plugin – These are Seo tools in which you can target your potential keywords and use them for SEO purposes, like sitemaps, and make the content SEO-friendly.

C. ONLINE Store Plan

This Plan is only for those guys or businesses who want to start an e-commerce website and want more benefits then you should go to buy the “ONLINE STORE” Plan.

As you can see in the above photo, you will get 60% OFF and you will get only ONE Website on this plan because Bluehost Knows very well that Ecommerce stores more data, and also you can see 100 GB SSD Data better than the Previous plan and some more costly.

As you can see above photos You will get More Stuff before Choice Plus Plan

1 Website
FREE Domain 1St Year
Custom WP Theme
Exclusive Store Theme
Store Analytics

Free SSL
Daily website Back Up
Domain Privacy
Unlimited Products
Secure Online Payments
Appointment Booking
Shipping Labels

and Much More, You will get without doing any extra effort and getting into trouble and You will get 24*7 support with

D. ONLINE STORE + Marketplace – 67% OFF

This plan is only for large companies or agencies and Big Blog that are getting millions of traffic in days.

In this Online store plan, you will get more options for making the website more responsive and not getting buffers, and not making more loading time.

That is a plan you can create a marketplace where you can upload product details in the store and you can upload thousands of items in this plan.

You will get more options like
200 GB SSD Storage
All things are the same like online store plans and other choices plus plans.

Get Superb duper Options

unlimited Products
Secure online payments
Appointment booking
shipping labels
product search & filtering
Gift cards
Customer Account Creation
Multi Channel Invertory Managament

Those are Bluehost web hosting plans and you will get more plans if you will explore
I want to say whatever you like to take buy then you will get the best web hosting for Bluehost, no need to install, just you will have to do after buying a plan,
just contact support chat and say please install WordPress or customize website code then they will do behalf of you and you will see your website is live.

3. Choose Domain Name

Choose Domain Name After selecting your chosen plan, you will redirect to this new dashboard.
Now this time create a domain that will represent your business or website.

Look At the photo, There are two Options

choose a domain name -
Source by Bluehost

a. Create a New Domain

Before creating a domain name, make sure you have a unique domain name and you should select the .com extension because you can target worldwide, and also there are a lot of domain extensions like .us, .uk, .in, .org and more if you want to see then click .com box.

Creating a new domain means you have kept in mind one name as a domain name then put your domain inbox and see if that is available or not if available it means you can create a domain with that name as a domain. Ex – is the domain.

b. Use a domain – you want it means if you have already a domain then you can add a domain in the existing domain box and you can do further process.

C. Create domain later – you are not ready or have no idea what domain name should i add then skip this step then click on I’ll create my domain later.

Click On I’ll Create My domain later.

4. Add your information for a domain

As you can see below photo:-

In this step, you have to add some information for the domain and get web hosting like name, business name, country name, street name, city name, state name, zip code, email id, and phone number.
You can add this information and your information will be secure.

bluehost hosting plans
Source by Bluehost

5. Select Package Information

Now, in this step to select a package for web hosting, you have to keep in mind, that if you are going to buy one year it will be costly for more than 4 or 3 years.

bluehost web hosting plans
Source by Bluehost

If you will buy web hosting for one year then your cost will be 71.28 dollars with a domain.

If you are going to buy web hosting for 3 years then your cost will be 178.20 dollars, it is cheaper than 1 Year.

You can calculate and get clarified how many years a plan will be good for your business or blog, it’s totally up to you.

If you are going to add some extras option like code guard basic, Yoast SEO premium, single domain SSL, and site lock security that will be more costly.

11352 840619 -

a. Codeguard basic – it is a WordPress plugin that is used to secure websites from website hacks and get more unwanted traffic from robots or spamming traffic from anyone, if you will buy it then your website will be more secure otherwise you will get a lot of plugin for make secure website.

Sitelock Security – It is a WordPress plugin, it is used for site lock when you put the wrong password or username for a limited time then this plugin will lock your website for those people who want to access your domain without knowing your domain username and passwords.

6. Payment Information

Now, this is the last step to buying web hosting, Before paying, make sure you should have a Credit card if you are outside of the USA then Your credit card will be an internationally accepted card if yes then you can fill in your card number, CVV Code in back of Card, and last Expiration date.

how to buy hosting
Source by Bluehost

I suppose if you have filled completely then you should mark Bluehost host term – condition then click On SUBMIT Button.

After completing a payment you will get a welcome dashboard and you will get also billing and welcome to Bluehost email on email.

And you will Get Login details and your order details in an email, from here you will access Cpanel, and in the next step, you have to install WordPress or costume design for your website.

P.S – If You get stuck or have any problem then you can contact directly web hosting supporting teams they will solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluehost plan is best for bloggers?

It’s totally up to you, You can buy any Bluehost web hosting, Bluehost web hosting is already premium itself, if you are a beginner then you should buy WordPress Bluehost Basic web hosting plans, if you are a beginner, or have a greater idea and already marketers and you should buy WordPress business plan, my suggestion is to buy a first basic plan for a beginner.

Are Bluehost and Hostgator the same company?

In fact, Yes, Bluehost and Hostgator have been running one company by Endurance International Group, EIG runs Bluehost and Hostgator, but there are both are different web hosting and features.

What Bluehost plan should I get?

There are a lot of plans, let me say to you clearly if you are a beginner at blog and online marketing then you should buy a Bluehost WordPress basic web hosting plan, if you are an expert then go to buy a business plan like a Choice plus.

Bluehost web hosting cost?

there are depend on plans like a basic plan – $2.95/mo*, CHOICE PLUS – $5.45/mo, ONLINE STORE – $9 per month, I would like to say please go to explorer, and what you want.

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