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How to Create Post in WordPress | Create First Post in WordPress

Today we are going to learn how to create post in WordPress or Create the first post in WordPress in-depth step by step

If you are a blogger then you should know how to write a blog post on WordPress in a professional way and how to use all features to make SEO-friendly content by block editor features.

Let’s create the first blog post on WordPress 

Create First Post On WordPress 

There are the following steps to creating WordPress’s first blog.

1. log in to the WordPress website 

Now you want to write WordPress then you should log in to WordPress using a web hosting provider or wp-admin 

If you want to learn how to login into WordPress then you should go to read this blog that will help you. Learn more

2. Click on Post From Left Navigation

If you will able to login into WordPress then you will get a new dashboard which is a WordPress dashboard can see on the left-hand side there is the option of a post just below home or updates.

When you click on Posts then you will get 4 Options, and see in below.

  • All Posts:- this means all published posts or draft posts on this option all posts, you can see a list of posts that we have already worked on before.

  • Add New:- If you haven’t written any posts then you should this option to create the first posts using this option.
  • Categories:- This means you can create categories to find things easier and make arrangements with categories like SEO Tutorial, Facebook Ads and so.
  • Tags:- This means you want to tag a post then you can create a tag then you can add tag names like Bluehost plan, and SEO.

3. Add New

When you click on add new option ( see above ) you will get a new white blank page with the title and you can see in below

As you can see photos after clicking on a post, then you will redirect to a white blank page with the blog title and content section where you can add a title and a lot of words in a single post.

you want to write anything whatever you want and in which you can share your thought, experience, and knowledge in Text form.

write first blog in wordpress

4. Add Heading, Image, lists, Buttons, and So on!

If you are writing content what means don’t write messy content without any heading, without any format, and without any decoration.

If you will write like that then it will become boring, and very messy content also users will not engage properly and the user will be angry because there is no heading or messy content that’s why.

if you want to write content as user-friendly then you should write content with the heading, images,s, and others. if you use this then you will get

blog content features -

In the photo, you can see a plus (+) point, you want to add a heading then you should click on heading inbox then you can use easily.

Whatever you want to add in the blog section then you can add using the Plus (+) option on the website.

If you want to show more features then click On Browse all then you will get more features you can see them below and choose anything to add to a blog

more feature in blog -

In which you can search for anything and add anything on the website.

5. Publish Post

Last but not least, When your writing will be completed then you have to publish then your article will live which means anyone can see or read it.

If you don’t want to publish then you should click on Save Draft then your post will become a private post, no one will be able to see it.

I will recommend you please make publish a post if you are a blogger or will be.

Don’t forget to share with social media and i hope you got some value please comment to us below.

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