what is google helpful content update

What is Google’s helpful content Update for SEO and Affiliate Website?

Today we will learn “what is google helpful content update”, why it is so important for affiliate websites, Review Websites, Multi Niches webs, and Only focus on SEO for ranking.

It’s similar to google panda?

let Start share google’s helpful content update, Before moving to the next, Let’s know about the Google Panda Update Why I am going to tell you about the google panda update because a lot of people are agreed that google’s helpful content totally looks like google panda website.

Let me tell you why is not exactly a google panda update, Google panda update was a broad core update but google helpful content is a core update ( only specific topics ).

google panda is used for all website that hasn’t written quality content or valuable content and stuffing keywords for ranking on google search result pages (SERP),

Whoever writes content low-quality or invaluable content and stuffs keywords on the website for ranking purposes then google panda will de-rank those content,

and make underscore for ranking mean invaluable content or low-quality content will not rank well and de-rank from search engine result page, and also google panda is still being used by google for low quality.

What is google helpful content update?

Now google came with google helpful content update, and google’s new helpful content will start rolling out on 25 Aug 2022, It will take 2 weeks for a full rollout.

Google said to us, that this googles helpful content will be for that website that has already been running or who will start to work on an affiliate website, multiple niches like news, entertainment, sports page in only one website, Tech news, Affiliate Review who has no expertise in this field that is writing about

For example – If we are writing content about tech news, then my content will not be ranked because I am not an expert in this field that’s why we should write about this content in which we are experts.

If you are an expert in any field you can write content and your content will be ranked.

Why google came up with this google helpful content?

Google aboard then analysis, google said, all most people write content for ranking purpose than humans help because if they are ranking well they can earn more by an affiliate and google absence.

But the User will not get an answer after a search when goes inside in post that’s why to google said if you are writing content for only ranking purposes then your website will be impacted,

and you will be able to recover your account for 2 weeks at least, and the user will never get the valuable content that they are searching for.
Google helpful content will impact that website who is writing review product on the website, multiple niches in one blog then your blog will de-rank or no index from SERP because a lot of people do copy paste content and also adds duplicate client review from another website, google is looking for unique content and valuable content.

If you are writing about Product reviews on the website then make sure you have to write your experience not other and how this product is right and what is pros and cons of this product if you do that in detail your content will be ranked.

So if you want to rank better then you should follow google helpful content.

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